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Unified Pricing Rules
Migration Best Practice

All you need to know about unified pricing rules and yield optimization available for FREE.

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Yieldbooster UPR Migration Best Practice

This Yieldbooster® UPR Migration Best Practice provides you with a comprehensive summary on UPR, and walks you through STEP-BY-STEP to get your GAM network safely migrated from the world of second-price auction to unified first-price auction.

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Yieldbooster® UPR Migration Wizard

Together with this migration best practice, Intowow has launched a FREE-FOR-USE Yieldbooster® UPR Migration Wizard that handles for you the complex calculation during the migration. Our goal is to provide you with direct/actionable data-driven insights that bridge the gap between understanding UPR to easily setting up UPR.

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Yieldbooster UPR Migration Wizard
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